Language and Communication

Future is for those who will be able to communicate effectively. What future do you want for you? What present do you live? In an interconnected world, co-operation is ahead of competitiveness. Every person is better than another one in some aspects. What aspects would you like to learn from another person? Thus, the vital importance of communication and the language we use to communicate.

This is my particular corner to share and contribute with ideas and experiences in order to improve interpersonal relationships (language & communication) and, therefore, trust in ourselves and in the others.

Today we need us each other more than ever. The ability to link different worlds, different people, is the key quality to generate trust, to live together, to do business and to thrive. The starting point is that every single person is an opportunity to hel and be helped. It is much easier to make progress when people around you desire to help you than when they just want you to fail. The only way to make people do something is by acknowledging their importance and by making them feel important. Look for a model, learn to speak effectively, get involved. Write, write and write.