“In my teaching, I never sought merely to tell the pupil what I know. Better to tell him what he did not know. Yet that was not my chief aim either, although it was reason enough for me to devise something new for each pupil. I labored rather to show him the nature of the matter from the ground up.”

Arnold Schönberg

Diana Damrau & Michael Thallium

Diana Damrau & Michael Thallium

If I should admit that I am possessed, then I would have to say that I am possessed by two seducing lovers: language (words) and music (sounds).

This is my particular corner for music without I cannnot live. The relationship between music and mind is evident. My mind is not only verbal but musical. And here I would like to pay tribute to the music and musicians  I have learnt from in all of these years. I am a versatile kind of person and musis is a part of me. Without music I am not complete. My musical tastes are, obviously,variable as well.

The human being is an amazing musical instrument. We have the power to choose the way we desire to sound in order to perform our music within and connect to the orchestra of life.

Michael Thallium AJE2