An Interview With Yury Favorin: “Piano is great, but it becomes greater in collaboration with other musicians”

Yuri Favorin, pianist.

It was at Fundación Juan March in Madrid when I first saw him play. It was a Sunday morning, cold and snowy, of February 2018. On that occasion, the Moscow born pianist Yury Favorin was to accompany the great violinist Mikhail Pochekin. And it was since that [...]

(Español) Lo que está detrás

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(Español) Con Zeta de Zozaya

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(Español) Me creí inmortal hasta que me morí

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An Interview with Paul Hillier: “People come to the early music thinking they’ll just suffer the new pieces and they discover they are really fascinating!”

Paul Hillier was one of the founders of the Hilliard Ensemble in 1974. They contributed to creating that English sound which made them world famous. Some years later, in 1992, Hillier founded The Theatre of Voices. This English man of Dorchester, an icon of early and contemporary choral music, has travelled the world [...]

An interview with Ivan Ilic: “I’m interested more and more in obscure things”

This is a story of connecting dots. Some months ago, while I was surfing on the Internet, I ended up reading about the Quatuor Scientifique (scientific quartet) by Anton Reicha. There was a new recording being released by the Reicha Quartet on Brilliant Classics. And it seemed to be the only recording to [...]

(Español) Dante, la mocedad enamorada y el piano de Dombriz

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Antoine Reicha & The Piano (I): Practical Examples

On May 28th 1836, at the cemetery Père-Lachaise in Paris, the now lifeless and musicless body of the Knight of the Legion of Honour and member of the Academy of Fine Arts of the Institute of France was given burial: Antoine Reicha. The following year, a group of colleagues from the Conservatory of [...]

(Español) Azahar Ensemble: por Turina con respeto, cariño y admiración

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H.E. Huda Ibrahim Alkhamis: A Cultural Dialogue from the Music of the Heart

For most people the name of H.E. Huda Ibrahim Alkhamis may not mean anything at all. And it may be a good thing her name does not really ring a bell to you, because her work as a philanthropist should go unnoticed. It is others —specially young people— this incredible woman helps to [...]