The Art of Ivan Pochekin

I first got to know about him through the cat eyes of his younger brother Mikhail. There is no better letter of introduction than that one of a brother who admires you and respects you, someone who really cares. Since that snowy Sunday morning when I met Mikhail, I knew that the art [...]

(Español) El meigo de Allariz

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When performing meets creating: CullerArts International Violin Competition

Left to right: Cristóbal Soler, Jordi Mayor, Pilar Jurado & Juan Carlos Alandete

On Monday 10th February the 2nd International Violin Competition “CullerArts” was presented at Longoria Palace in Madrid, the headquarters of SGAE (Spanish General Society of Authors and Publishers). Organised by the Cullera Town Hall and with maestro Cristóbal Soler as [...]

(Español) Llamémosle Emilio

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Mancha Real, opening new musical ways

It is the first one of its kind in Spain. And it is also the first time that the most classical ensemble in classical music has its own international competition in Spain: the string quartet, the four instrumental voices par excellence. It has been already over four hundred years that Spanish writer Miguel [...]

An Actor, an Immortal Beloved & the Brentano Quartet

It was cocaine and heroine. He was found dead in his bathroom by a friend. He had a syringe in his arm. Philip was 46 and, as the song goes, «only the good die young». I must admit my lack of knowledge when it comes down to films and I didn’t [...]

ACTAYS, a Story of Music and Alliances

This is the story of how sometimes things really work. Nine months ago, I wouldn’t have thought this could finally happen. But it happened. And what a great experience it was! In March 2019, I attended a charity play for children at Nemomarlin Pintor Rosales, a nursery school for children aged from 0 [...]

An Interview with David Moliner: “If you really want to know how you are, music is the perfect art for you to know it

David Moliner, composer.

He is 28 and divides his time between Berlin  — where he is currently studying composition with no more, no less than Jörg Widmann—, Madrid and Castellón, his hometown in Spain. David Moliner is a composer and percussionist, a musician who believes in the [...]

(Español) Din don: El destino llama a la puerta

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(Español) El maestro domador del ego y formador del silencio

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