Thallium Vitae

Pentágono mente MT EnglishWhen I was a child I wanted to become an orchestra conductor, a good husband and a good father. I studied music, but never finished my piano studies. Neitheir I finished my studies on telecommunications and physics, degrees I registered for love and lack of love to the same girl, respectively. I learnt German to forget her. Then I studied translation & interpreting and learnt some other languages. My life has been a fascinating exploration of being… And still in progress.

I have spent many years of my life travelling around many countries and continents, sailing the seas, flying the skies all over the world. I have lived in different places doing many different jobs: translator & interpreter, tourist entertainer, language consultant, au pair, PR Manager, assistant cruise director, singer and musician occasionally, tour guide, shore excursions manager in Australia and Indonesia, international sales manager around Europe, group co-ordinator, and hotel manager on cruises… In July 2008, I decided to stop with my professional activity as a hotel manager and dedicate myself to my passion: coaching, language & communication and music.

I am a very versatile kind of person. I could tell you I do this or that or I am this or that. Actually, back in the summer of 2009, in Scotland, I tried to enthusiastically explain to the brother of a very good friend of mine what I do. After a while, he stopped me and looked at me saying something like: Do you know what you are? You are an MTB. I did not quite get what he meant. In fact he asked me again: You don´t know what an MTB is, do you? You are a Multi Talented Bastard, man. Well, then that is what I am. I bought his idea and I give the credits to Mr Maurice Brown for this, although I could also say (not to sound rude): MTB Michael Thallium Brilliant.

In 2003, I came across a book of Talane Miedaner called Coaching for success. I was happy to have found someone who had a similar approach to the way I understand personal and professional relationships. Then, I started reading some other authors such as John Whitmore, Stephen R. Covey, Iris & Manfred Schwarz, Ralf Senftleben, Timothy Gallwey, Joe Dispenza, Edward Deming, Rafael Echeverría, Leonardo Wolk, Robert Dilts, Karl Albrecht, Peter F. Drucker, Edward de Bono, Jim Collins, Joseph Grenny, Keith Ferrazzi among many others. Most of them talk about achieving goals and success. I prefer to use the words “bliss” and “happiness”. We have been born to be happy and blissful.

In July 2008, while navigating on a cruise ship from New Caledonia to Singapore, I decided to conduct an experiment with a surprising result for me. I contacted the predominately Asian crew members of the hotel department and offered to facilitate a 9-days- workshop on coaching. We agreed the attendance to the workshop was not compulsory. I assumed they all might come to the first session perhaps out of curiosity, but I also believed they would not last the full 9 days. To my surprise, attendance to the workshop over all of the days was 110% (“rumours” spread about coaching and crew members from other departments also joined). Then I realized there was something I really liked more than being a hotel manager on a cruise ship: coaching, communicating, leaving a legacy and living on that by awakening and empowering the potential of human beings. Stephen R. Covey would say: live, love, learn and leave a legacy.

Michael Thallium has a bachelor in Translation & Interpreting at UAX (Spain). DEA (Advanced Studies Certificate) in Communication & Speech at URJC, Madrid, Spain. He is a certified coach by the International Institute OlaCoach.