(Español) De filfas, víctimas y victimarios

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H.E. Huda Ibrahim Alkhamis: A Cultural Dialogue from the Music of the Heart

For most people the name of H.E. Huda Ibrahim Alkhamis may not mean anything at all. And it may be a good thing her name does not really ring a bell to you, because her work as a philanthropist should go unnoticed. It is others —specially young people— this incredible woman helps to [...]

George Santayana, Persons And Places

I am writing these lines while I am listening to Musica Ficta perform the Requiem by Tomas Luis de Victoria. I chose this music for practical reasons. Victoria was born in the province of Avila. He was a catholic priest and arguably the greatest Spanish composer of all times; he spent part of [...]

(Español) La asignatura de religión

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(Español) Nos van a dar mucho por el Gwadar

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(Español) El chiismo

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The Greatness Of People

The greatness of people… That’s one of the reasons why I decided to dedicate myself to coaching and language training. I believe in human potential. Certainly, there are moments when you have doubts about the validity of your principles and values. People, we, are capable of many things. Some of them are good, [...]


I visited Kiev twice in 2012. Precisely, July and September. During my second visit to Kiev, the Paralympic Games were taking place in another distant city: London. Watching one of the finals of a swimming competition from my hotel room in Kiev, I was touched by the 14-year-old Ukrainian swimmer Victoria [...]

Interpretative Worlds – Your World Map

What’s your perspective? I encourage you to change your perspective every now and then just to become a little bit more aware of the place you are in the world around you at every moment. In a process of change it is essential to be aware of the place you are in and [...]

Bali, the Island of Colours

A message of Adiyatwidi Adiwoso Asmady, Ambassador of Indonesia in Madrid, in order to promote cultural exchange between the West and the East, between Bali and Madrid, between Indonesia and Spain, between Asia and Europe. The exhibition “Bali, the Island of Colours” will be held at the Embassy of the Republic [...]