(Español) Antoine Reicha y el piano (I): Ejemplos prácticos

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English und Español verfügbar.

2 comments to (Español) Antoine Reicha y el piano (I): Ejemplos prácticos

  • Henrik Löwenmark

    Dear Michael,

    have you noticed my recordings on Toccata Classics? There are interesting things on all of them but some of the most advanced so far in the series are the pieces in Études ou Exercises, Op.30 and the Frescobaldi Fantaisie (Volume 3) and on the forthcoming Volume 4, to be released on the 6th of March, first of all the two sonatas and the slow beginning of the Fantaisie Op.61.
    Yours friendly
    Henrik Löwenmark

  • Michael Thallium

    I’ll check it out! Thanks for your comment!

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