Evelyn Glennie & “the body listening”

I have some very good Scottish friends. I consider them as my second family. This may be the reason why my attention tends to focus on any word related to Scottland. If I also say that one of the subjects I most deal with is the “activ listening” (a must in coaching) and that one of my passion is music, then it will be easy to understand why I ended up watching and listening the following video by a Scottish percussionist called Evelyn Glennie. She illustrates how listening to music involves much more than simply letting sound waves hit your eardrums. You can use this concept not only for music but for your daily life. How good do you listen to others?

Note: Evelyn Glennie is deaf. The video comes from

Michael Thallium
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3 comments to Evelyn Glennie & “the body listening”

  • Para mì, escuchar es la actividad màs compleja y dificil que hay,porque hay una cantidad de pensamientos que llegan a nuestra mente y no nos deja concentrarnos en lo que la otra persona nos quiere transmitir, hay que trabajar para mejorar esta cierta discapacidad dia a dia.

  • Michael, gracias por todo lo que nos dejas conocer sobre las personas y el mundo que nos rodea.

  • Michael Thallium

    Gracias, Patricia, por tu aportación. Quizás puedea ayudarte lo siguiente para mejorar la escucha: comprender primero y ser comprendido después.

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