Breaking News: Rachel Flowers & the Hammond C3

Rachel trying out keyboards

Rachel trying out keyboards

“On December 12th 2010 Rachel Flowers participated in a flute workshop that was held in a home that might rightly be called Keyboard Central”, Jeanie Flowers said. Following the recital, potluck, and sight reading session, the hosts took Rachel on a grand tour to meet the various keyboards lurking throughout the house, which Rachel had a fantastic time trying out. As Rachel was leaving, she was asked to play “Karn Evil 9″ by Keith Emerson in order to give the Hammond C3 a good workout, and she happily obliged.

Jeanie Flowers, Rachel’s devoted mom, was glad to be able to capture that moment with her camera: “I was going to apologize for the amateurish camera work, and other imperfections in this video, but looking at it now, I don’t apologize for anything. The joy of the music transcends the imperfections.”

So, please, crank up the volume and enjoy Rachel’s first meeting with a Hammond C3 – complete with breaking glass (vibrated off of the Leslie cabinet), impromptu audience participation, and bad lighting. This video is what it is, and that’s a wonderful thing.

This is the first part with the glass breaking included:

And here the second part:

If you wish to know a little bit more about Rachel’s music, please follow:

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