Rafael Pascual-Vilaplana and the music yet to be discovered



Yesterday I attended the rehearsals of the Youth Orchestra “Allegro” Ciudad Lineal conducted by Victor Morales. Their presentation concert will take place today in Madrid at Auditorio Carmen Laforet. It was there that I happened to know about those anonimous stories of parents supporting their children in their muscial careers. That was the case of a father, for instance, who drives his 17 year old child to the music school twice a week 60 km away from their little village….

After the reahearsals, Victor Morales, the orchestra conductor, one of the trompetists, Alonso, and I, we went out for some “tapas” in Barrio de las Letras area, in Madrid. We shared interesting conversations on music and education. It was this way, that I happened to discover Rafael Pascual-Vilaplana’s music. And I would like to share this link with you:

If you wish to know a little bit more about Rafael Pascual-Vilaplana, please visit his web page:

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