I Believe

Yesterday was the first day of the year and I took my chance to send my wishes of serenity and bliss for all of you who are following me on this site. Today is the second day of this fabulous 2011 which hast just started full of great expectations for me. And I would like to take this opportunity to remind you, how important it is, what you believe in order to achieve your goals. Just today, my dear friend Jeanie Flowers has uploaded a live recording of her beautiful song “I believe”.

Remember: your accomplishments are directly related to what you believe you can achieve. What do you believe it will happen in 2011 in your life? What are you going to feel and do in order to achieve what you want?

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Michael Thallium
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4 comments to I Believe

  • Reem A.J

    Thank you Michael, i personally needed to hear that at this time of my life. I couldn’t agree more with what u wrote. Very Encouraging & inspiring, Thank u again :)

  • Michael Thallium

    Thanks to you Reem, for taking your time to read this little article. Serenity and bliss for you!!

  • Margarita

    Gracias Michael, realmente tu alma es grande…Se que el 2011 será bueno como todos los años anteriores de mi vida y no son pocos…Mis intenciones están clara y voy a por ellas con lo que se requiera de mi…con todos los precios a pagar para conseguirlas…Que Dios te bendiga¡¡¡¡¡

  • Michael Thallium

    Margarita, muchas gracias por tu amable comentario. ¡Que así sea!

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