Dr Amit Nagpal interviews Michael Thallium

I recently had the honor to be interviewed by Dr Amit Nagpal, if you wish to read the original interview on Dr Amit Nagpal web page, please click on the following link “Interview with Mr Michael Thallium, Greatness Coach, Spain”.

Here you are an excerpt of that interview:

Tell us something about your unique coaching style or greatness coaching.
First of all, I would really like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about this. The greatness coaching idea came a couple of years ago when I read a “great” book by Stephen R. Covey, The 8th habit, explaining how to shift from just effectiveness to greatness, that is, finding your “voice” and helping others to find their own voices, too. And this taking advantage of our body, mind, heart and spirit intelligences. I am also influenced by the neuroscience and the work of Howard Gardner, specially his five minds for the future: disciplinary, synthesizing, creating, respectful and ethical.

Reformulating Mark Twain words: Do not be parted with your dreams and illusions for when you cease to live, they will keep on existing; the true transcendence is to transcend… in the others. This is something I learnt from Carmen Cayuela, a Spanish PCC Coach specialised in Emotional Intelligence.

I believe there is something great in all of us, we just have to find what it is. When people talk about achieving goals, they mainly think in terms of “effectiveness”, which is good, but what happens if our ultimate goal is greatness instead? I believe we open a new space for coaching where transpersonality plays a key role. And this leads to transleadership. Lately, I am also following the work of a great transleader I am learning from: Jennifer Sertl.

What is the importance of communication to achieve greatness? Can you elaborate with some client /coaching experiences?
Who is the person you talk the most for the whole of your life? It is you! We are continuously talking to ourselves, communicating with ourselves. And this inner communication affects the way you communicate with others. And otherwise: the way you communicate with others affects the way you communicate with yourself. What is the basis of a coaching session? Communication. And this communication within a coaching relationship requires empathic listening and silence from the coach, too. Silence can be very telling.

I have met many people from very different culture, nationalities and walks of life and, in my experience, the common thing to sort out conflicts has been communication which, as I said, involves a big deal empathic listening. Before I became a freelance coach, I used to implement coaching in the way I led (you “manage” things and “lead” people) working teams. I remember I was once assigned to a project in New Caledonia for a closing of operations. I knew quite in advance that the goal of the company I was working for at that time was to do the closing and send people home. So, basically, I would be the one sending those people home and I had three months time to deal with the situation. I will not go deep into detail, but…

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Amit NagpalDr Amit Nagpal is MBA (Marketing) and a PhD in New Media & Digital Marketing. He has been associated with the field of Branding & Media Management for the past 15 years. He had a heady start in his career with Cadbury India Ltd in Sales. He has worked in middle management positions with Sage Publications and Sahara TV where he was involved in several product launches, media relations and brand building activities. At WLC (Wigan and Leigh College) as HoD-Management, he was involved in creation of world class content for new subjects (including Digital Media) as well as development of process based training pedagogy.

His blog, “The Joys of Teaching” (A Blog on Life Mantras for Sustainable Success) is read in  100 plus countries and the numbers continue to rise as the words spread day by day.

Michael Thallium
Global & Greatness Coach
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