On Freddie Mercury & The Origin Of My Name

freddie-mercury-biopicToday is a special day. I will be very brief. Today is 20 years since Freddie Mercury passed away and today is also a very special day in the USA, the Thanksgiving Day, the day when families get together to celebrate and give thanks. So, I would like to take the chance to tell you about the origin of my name. Shortly after Freddie’s death, I remember I was in a chemistry lecture at the university and I had a periodic table in Latin with me. It is known that the given name of Freddie was Farrokh Bulsara, but he chose Freddie Mercury as his artistic name and this is how he became famous all over the world. Reflecting on that and coming back to that chemistry lecture, when I looked at the chemichal elements I thought: ”Aurum (gold), Mercurium (Mercury), Thallium… Hmmm, Freddie Mercury… Michael Thallium!!” This was my pseudonym or artistic name for a number of years until it was coined as my professional name. Now, celebrating this 20th Anniversary, I would like to thank the singer I listened to when I was a teen and the person who, somehow, is now part of me. Mr Mercury, a big “Thanks” from Mr Thallium. The rest is in the lap of the gods…

And here a beautiful video created by Loui Schwartzberg: GRATEFULNESS

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