The Tempotention

According to the sentence “the more I listen to, the more it remains to be listened”, it is clear to me that I will have no time to listen – understand, fathom – to everything I would like to. I can only aspire, if that is an aspiration, to enjoy what my brain allows me to listen to. That said, I realised that the same way you have to dedicate your time and your attention to understand things, to enjoy them, you have to dedicate time and attention to people as well. In this world of the 21st century in which people seem to have less and less time to enjoy, I have decided to make up a noun and its corresponding verb: tempotention and to tempotend.

Tempotention: it is the time and attention of quality dedicated to people for them to evolve happily. It is a concept that arises in a changing world in which everything seems to change rapidly and in which something maybe valid in a certain moment to be wrong in the next. The only thing invariable is the time and attention you have to dedicate to others for their personal development and empowerment as human beings. The less your tempotention, the less your personal development.

Tempontend: dedicate time and attention of quality to others so that you contribute to their happiness and personal development.

Most probably the usage of these terms will never go beyond the borders of this article. Just a reflection anyway: people need time and attention… always.

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