Love Tomorrow, Amor mañana

Interpretations are free and, maybe, too many. As many as people on this planet, as many as the mood those people are in. When I look at a drawing or painting, when I listen to a piece of music, I constantly have to remind myself of that subjectivity: Is this really what the artist wants to say at all? We tend to forget what’s behind the scenes. There’s always a human being behind the scenes, the creator of that work of art. A human being, a person, with all their particular life experience, feelings, emotions and expectations. A person whose life we will hardly ever fathom…

"Love Tomorrow", ink pen, mixed media by Elisaveta Sivas

"Love Tomorrow", ink pen, mixed media by Elisaveta Sivas

Love tomorrow… that’s the title of a drawing and collage by Elisaveta Sivas. What do I see when I look at this black and white drawing? I see a man sitting there, looking at a woman. That man could be me. It’s me thinking about love, gazing at that woman. That woman is staring at me. She wants me to see her. She is naked, showing her beautiful body. It’s as if I would just want to stand up and stop contemplating to make that scene real, to make love today, now, not tomorrow. And there are also many women within that one woman. She is struggling. She wants to be with that man, but at the same time she turns her back. She sits and turns her head. She wants to break free, open to spirituality. However, she also wants to experience her eros, her primitive sexuality. That man sitting there, me, is crowned by an angel. I have all devine blessings to love that woman. But it takes action. It takes two, though, to meet. Sitting there, there’s no love today, but maybe tomorrow. A constant tomorrow that never comes…

"Love Tomorrow (in colour)", paper collage, mixed media by Elisaveta Sivas

"Love Tomorrow (in colour)", paper collage, mixed media by Elisaveta Sivas

And then you have the colour that blurs all that primitive sexuality. Colours bring about joy and lots of new nuances that may hide that sexual urge so present in black and white. Life is not just black and white. It’s colourful. But black and white are colours not to be ignored. Did you notice that little horse in front of the books on the shelf? What would that mean? A horse? Is it maybe emotions (horse) covering intelectuality and knowledge (books)? It’s all about different worlds which want to come together. The emotions want to pervade the intelectuality and knowledge. Intelectuality and knowledge may be preventing the man (me) from standing up and joining the woman. The man (me) wants to love, in black and white and in colour, that woman. All those women who form that one beautiful woman standing and staring at me, they all have to come together as well in order to become the bride of a man crowned by the devine angel. Emotions, intelectuality, knowledge, man and woman, they all will have to overcome their fear of today to make that “love tomorrow”, love today, now.

I said interpretations are free and too many. And I know it’s impossible for me to fully fathom the inner worlds of an artist, of a person. But I can always work out my interpetation to make “now” be eternal, to make “today” be the eternal love that comes tomorrow… Remember: this man could also be you looking at that drawing, reading these words and interpreting the many worlds we live in. And that woman? That woman is love today and ever.

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