The Best Life Acting Lesson You Could Ever Have In Your Life!

The best life acting lesson you could ever have in your life

Hello! This is me wanting to tell you a story, which is intended to be the best life acting lesson you could ever have in your life. It’ll only take a couple of minutes up. I know, I [...]

German For Beginners: The Game

On the following video I use a little game to speak about the numbers from 1 to 10 and about some nouns, verbs and prepositions in German. The basic vocabulary shown on this video is:

das Spiel, die Spiele: game, games (play, plays)
die Kiste, die Kisten: box, boxes
der Ball, die Bälle: ball, balls
die Ente, die [...]

German For Beginners: The Colours

On the following video I speak about the colours in German. The basic vocabulary shown on this video is:

die Farbe, die Farben (feminine): colour, colours
der Bleistift, die Bleistifte (masculine): pencil, pencils
der Farbbleistift, die Farbbleistifte: colouring pencil, colouring pencils
das Telefon, die Telefone (neutral): telephone, telephones

rot: red
grün: green
schwarz: black
weiss: white
gelb: yellow
blau: blue
orange: orange
braun: brown
grau: grey
pink: pink
violett: [...]

German for Beginners: The Vowels

The following video shows the vowel sounds in German: a, e, i, o, u, ä, ö, ü, ei, eu, ie.

Michael Thallium

German for Beginners: simple sentences

Learning a language is a bit of a challenge. And as it happens with every challenge you face in life, it requires time and dedication. Her you are a video with some simple sentences you can practise. The exercise is about listening and repeating:

German for Beginners: The Numbers

The following two videos deal with the numbers in German. Enjoy them!

Michael Thallium

Global & Greatness Coach
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A Wish for You: Enthusiasm

December is the last month of the year. It’s actually the last month of all the years in our lives. And for many people in the world this is a moment to recap, reflect and make some resolutions. Regardless of your religion or creed, of whether you indeed want to recap or not, [...]

The Greatness Of People

The greatness of people… That’s one of the reasons why I decided to dedicate myself to coaching and language training. I believe in human potential. Certainly, there are moments when you have doubts about the validity of your principles and values. People, we, are capable of many things. Some of them are good, [...]

The Tempotention

According to the sentence “the more I listen to, the more it remains to be listened”, it is clear to me that I will have no time to listen – understand, fathom – to everything I would like to. I can only aspire, if that is an aspiration, to enjoy what my brain [...]

Listening and Rediscovering Everything Around You – Kalevi Aho

Some four years ago, I started with an experiment on empathic listening that has led me to walk down unexpected paths. My intention was to see the effect music could have on the brain and check if you can enhance your empathic listening to people by listening to music. I must confess that [...]