Bali, the Island of Colours

A message of Adiyatwidi Adiwoso Asmady, Ambassador of Indonesia in Madrid, in order to promote cultural exchange between the West and the East, between Bali and Madrid, between Indonesia and Spain, between Asia and Europe. The exhibition “Bali, the Island of Colours” will be held at the Embassy of the Republic [...]

Baltasar Gracian & The 21st Leadership

When I impart my language lessons in business companies, I always try to use the methodology of coaching. A couple of weeks ago, in a one-to-one English session, one of my pupils, -a businessman from Spain with whom I had been sharing the teachings and methodologies of Jim Collins, Steven R. Covey, Jennifer Sertl, [...]

Where Co-Creation Begins…

“4 weeks ago I went for the first time to Partha, a small small village in Uttar Pradesh, 45 km away from Mahoba. Beautiful landscape – a mixture between India and the Serengeti. Stunning.
Everybody there is depending on agriculture. The area is one of the poorest parts of India and a typical example [...]

Ghosts Don’t Exist, Brains Do!

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Anastasia Ashman & Ananda Sukarlan – Uncovering our Greatness

Two Opinions on Uncovering Our Greatness

This is a monthly column on uncovering our greatness, co-authored by Dr Amit Nagpal from India (who talks about a Westerner) and Michael Thallium from Spain (who talks about an Easterner). We aim to share the success stories of great human beings and wish to inspire [...]

Kavichandran Alexander, Gustav Mahler, Dimitri Shotakovich & Water Lily Acoustics Records

Today I had a great surprise! A really nice present from one of my Facebook friends overseas that I connected with thanks to my beloved friends Jeanie and Rachel Flowers. Thank you Kavi Alexander (Water Lily Acoustics)! Your present is really appreciated. I feel really honored! I can’t wait to listen to this [...]

(Español) Reflexiones estadísticas criticables

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(Español) Ni 100 años de historia

Going Global, Going Great

Yes, I know, I know. Many people in the World see globalisation as a threat. Not me, sorry. I think, for the first time in History, we have within hand’s reach the opportunity of going global and be great. More and more people have access to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + (and [...]

Tina Kpan & the Peace Nobel Prizes

My first contact with Liberia was through the Liberian social entrepreneur Tina Kpan. I had the honor and privilege to spent some memorable days with her in Madrid a little bit more than a year ago, during the 1st African and Spanish Women Enterpreneurs Meeting organised by Fundación Mujeres. I wrote two articles about her [...]