0 Tricks to Success

On the Internet, there are thousands of articles paying homage to the trick, to the tip, most of the times preceded by the numbers 3, 5, 7, 10 and then to a lesser extent to 2, 4, 8 and 9. These articles have titles in the guise “3 tricks to speed up Windows Vista”, “5 tips for a straight hair look”, “7 tips to improve GNOME GConf configuration”, “10 tricks incredibly easy to turn your brain into a powerful thinking machine” and so on ad infinitum. If to the trick or tip and to the number we add the word “success”, then we can see that there are numbered tricks for everything you want to achieve successfully.

Who, however, remembers the number 0? In fact, I had thought to entitle this article as “Ode to 0″, but it seems that it sounds like Greek, like poetry and philosophy, values listed too low presently. I feared that no one would read anything with that title. So, I joined the cause of “tricked-numbered fashion” to achieve success.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, don´t fool yourselves, there is no trick to succeed: 0 tricks. Just persevere. Use your brain to create and persevere. I guess that very few people are born persistent, hence not too many people are successful. However, you can learn to persevere and practice it the same way as you can do with your brain. So, if you really want to succeed, what are you waiting for? For someone to give you 3, 5, 7 or 10 tricks to achieve success? I said that already: 0 tricks.

Imagine a baby, one of those learning to walk (I remind you that we were all one of them) when it falls down, instead of getting up and trying again, falls on the floor, sitting or lying down, pondering if he will ever manage to walk and if the world is conspiring against him and if he will not have the means to succeed and if he will not be loved because he is ugly, because he is bald, because he lacks teeth, pisses and shits himself, etc. Obviously, I doubt that a baby like that would ever manage to get up and walk.

Fortunately, most of us learn to walk. Here we are, standing on two legs. We have been successful in this adventure. Why? Because we had enthusiasm, curiosity, we wanted to move on and do what we saw that others could do naturally.

What happens when we see around that many people fail and that there are many others that strongly remind you about it naturally (yes, for that, they are persistent)? Simply, you do as the above mentioned baby: thinking about conspiracies, physical, mental or spiritual complexes, etc.

I repeat, do not expect tips: 0 tricks. If you want to succeed, just persevere and create. Most of human beings, we, are well equipped for that. Think and act. Act awake: enjoying and excited about what you undertake. Zero, that´s the number of seconds you should wait to start creating and persevering.

Michael Thallium

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