Don´t worry, we are all the same

Yesterday, I received one of those e-mails I usually erase. They are sent to many people and, mostly, make you waste your time on the Internet. However, since that e-mail was sent by Ángeles Carabias, family doctor and a friend of mine, I decided to open it. I do not regret!  Thanks Angeles! It has given me the chance to know the movement and foundation Playing for Change.

Don’t Worry is the first original song around the world featured by Playing for Change. It was written by Pierre Minetti in Barcelona, Spain and speaks of the unity we all share on this planet. As the song states. “Let’s don’t worry my brother, in this world we are all the same, we must find peace…” The video features over 20 musicians from 4 continents who have never met in person, but are connected through the message and the music.

If you would like to listen and watch this song, click on the banner below.


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