False Paradise by Mbah Ferdinand

(Text written by Mbah Ferdinand)

When I was polishing the fine words you will now find in this book called False Paradise, I was sitting in the humanitarian organization office called “Hidden Treasure”, in Cameroon.

A little girl from our orphanage by name Sandra walked up to me and said “Brother”, for that is how all of them call me, “Why is it that those rich governments from first world countries are asking our poor government to join them in the fight against climate change when they are the ones with all the money?”

Sandra, an 11-year-old girl, has just seen the climate change campaign on TV and understood it to be a rich men’s fight. I pointed to the hundreds of trees not far from the office and let her know we are trying to contribute in our own little way, for the same purpose.
I could see from her eyes she was not still yet convinced. I knew another example which would help her better. “Do you remember the stream that used to flow near your school and has total dry off?” She nodded her head. Then I said: “That is a good example of climate change”.

She was happy at this, leaving me as she clapped her hands singing her favorite song “rock of ages”.

At this, sadness filled my heart. I wonder, how many children might have been asking similar questions all over the world? How many people have been pushed out of their countries by our self-centered governmental systems to be nicknamed illegal immigrants in other countries as I used to be?

If you can feel and see the need of those with little hands like Sandra all over the world and wish to put a smile on their faces, get a copy of False Paradise, offer it as a present to friends, because part of your money will help organizations like “Hidden Treasures” to make an impact on brothers and sisters lives who are thousands of miles away from you.

Hundreds, thousands of trees will be planted to fight climate change. Questions like those of Sandra will be asked no more. Illegal immigration, starvation and so on… they will be a story of fiction someday.

I am Mbah Ferdinand, author of False Paradise and founder of “Hidden Treasure” NGO, wishing you a blessed and amazing journey as you count every word of my book, knowing that, at the final stop, your Amen will mean a shower of blessing which must have rushed through you. Visit our web site It will be great to read from you. God bless you in Jesus Name. Amen.

Mbah Ferdinand

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