Dr Ben Carson & his inspiring message

Dr Ben CarsonDr Ben Carson was born in a poor and single-parent family from Detroit. But this did not prevent him from achieving his dream of becoming a brain surgeon… And he is one of the top ten in the world! Here you are an inspiring video with his own words. Below you can find the text I have transcribed for you.

The person who has the most to do with what happens to you is… You!

I was fortunate enough to have a mother who believed in me when nobody else did. She refused to allow me to fail. She only allowed us to watch a small amount of TV and she made us read books. When everybody else was outside playing, we had to read books. But in the process of reading those books, I read about a lot of people, successful people. And I came to realize that the person who has the most to do with what happens to you… is you! It´s not somebody else. It´s not some outside influence. It´s not some environmental factor. It´s you and the choices that you make. And once I realized that, poverty didn’t bother me anymore. Because I knew I could change that. Nothing will ever bother me anymore, because I knew I could change it. Whatever it was! And that´s the message that I try to get across to other people. It doesn´t matter what the circumstances were that you´re born in, as long as you have a normal brain, because the human brain is the most fabulous organ system in the universe. All human brains are. And I can tell you as a brain searcher, when I open that skull and I take off the bone and I’m looking at that brain, I cannot tell whether that brain is from Africa, Skandinavia, Iran or South America. Because they are all the same! And the fact of a matter is that’s the thing which really makes us who we are. The external stuff is just wrapping. It really doesn’t mean anything. I think people put far too much emphasis on the wrong things.

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