The 8th Coachtulia: Coaching & Constellations

Last Friday, 16th September 2011, at the Ateneo de Madrid, we had our 8th Coachtulia (coaching + tertulia; “tertulia” is the Spanish word for “gathering”). This time the topic was coaching, family constellations and systemic coaching. Pilar Fernández and Paco Torres were in charge of the preparation of this coachtulia’s topic. Pilar Fernandez presented the family constellations and his creator Bert Hellinger.

Asistentes a la 8ª Coachtulia. Sala Manuel Azaña, Ateneo de Madrid.

8th Coachtulia participants. Ateneo de Madrid.

We also had a bit of time to do a little demo of a systemic coaching case. The next coachtulia will be held in October and we will continue to learning about systemic coaching with some study cases with Pilar Fernández and Paco Torres.

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