The 10th Coachtulia: On Kindness in Coaching

On 11th November 2011 (11/11/11), at the Ateneo de Madrid, we celebrated our 10th Coachtulia (coaching + tertulia; “tertulia” is the Spanish word for “gathering”) after one year since we first started. This is our first anniversary!! On this occasion, the matter of debate was: “On Kindness in Coaching”. We also had the participation of Jennifer Sertl in the distance, from the USA, who recorded a kind message for the participants in this coachtulia. We celebrated with kindness and good conversation, champagne and some “tejas”, typical Spanish sweets made out of almonds and orange.

10ª Coachtulia

Our next Coachtulia will be held on December 9th at Ateneo de Madrid. See you there! For those who could not attend this conversation, I leave you with Jennifer’s message :

Michael Thallium
Global & Greatness Coach
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1 comment to The 10th Coachtulia: On Kindness in Coaching

  • Being kind and compassionate is very crucial to human relationships. We should always give people a benefit of doubt and try to understand the reasons behind their negative attitudes and misbehavior. This will solve half of the human problems.
    All the best Michael for your next Coachtulia.

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