Michelle van Min and The Middle Path

Michelle van MinThere are things that happen “naturally”, without you searching for them intentionally. This is what happened to me when I came across “The Middle Path”, a song by a very young artist from Holland: Michelle van Min.

Michelle is a singer-songwriter with her own and particular sound and a fresh and deep voice. In my opinion she has all the makings of a genuine artist. And I wish her success in the music world and bliss in life. Here you are two videos of her. Since I like watching and listening to the artists live, one of the videos is a live performance of  Michelle van Min in The Hague at the Showcase Talent Event 2011 on podium Musicon (you can see her playing and singing ”The Middle Path” and some other songs; the second video is the official ”The Middle Path”. This song is about what the right way to live is. Do we really listen to each other? Do we express our feelings to someone we love?

“My main priority is to let people feel what I feel, my love for music and the World” Michelle van Min.

This video is produced by 2011 ITB Entertainment Group
Music & lyrics © by Michelle van Min
Director, camera & editing: Rob Koopman

If you wish to follow this talented artist, please visit and enjoy her Youtube channel:

I am Michael Thallium and I believe in the greatness of people. No wonder, Michelle is great!

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