Stanley Milgram 50 Years Later: The Death Game

Stanley Milgram 1933-1984

Stanley Milgram 1933-1984

At the beginning of the 60s, Stanley Milgram carried out a very interesting experiment at Yale University… But very few people liked the results. Stanley Milgram coined the term “agentic state” meaning the state in which a person puts up with what she is doing against her own personal values. After that experiment, Stanley Milgram spent the rest of his life searching for the positive deviance in human behavior.

Now, 50 years later, a similar experiment has been carried out in France. And the results have been astonishing: the percentage of people willing to inflict punishment on a victim is even higher than the one found by Milgram. Here a proof of the power of television and manipulation of human behavior.

What if we concentrate on more positive deviance and personal values?

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