Viktoriia Savtsova – An Example of Greatness

Just a week ago, I was in Kiev, Ukraine, and before I went to bed, I put on the TV and watched the news summary of the London Paralympic Games 2012. Then I saw the victory ceremony of the women’s 100m breaststroke swimming competition. Immediatly I got captivated by the person who had wone the gold medal. In that moment, I couldn’t understand who she was neither what her name was, because my level of Russian is very poor -although I’m learning it-, not to speak about my even poorer level of Ukrainian. So, I couldn’t tell if the language they were speaking was either Russian or Ukrainian. However, I said to myself that I would find out the name of the winner once I would come back to Madrid, Spain. And that is what I did. The winner was Viktoriia Savtsova. She is 14 years old and suffers from brain paralysis. When I saw her on TV I immediately knew that she was an inspiring example of greatness -that greatness I like to talk about during the coaching process-, an example of how to overcome obstacles, and she captivated me. Here you are the videos of that exciting final and of the victory ceremony. And Viktoriia Savtsova, because of greatness, deserved the victory.



Michael Thallium
Global & Greatness Coach
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