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The WorldWhat’s your perspective? I encourage you to change your perspective every now and then just to become a little bit more aware of the place you are in the world around you at every moment. In a process of change it is essential to be aware of the place you are in and of the place you want to be in the future. That’s why I like to use maps with different perspectves (projections), because they help me become more aware of my standpoint, of my point of view, of the place I find myself and, therefore, of the changes I must make if I want to enhance the way I relate to people around me, to the world around me.

For instance, just you, right now, right here, you are reading these lines and you could be anywhere in the world – in Mostoles, Spain, like me now, or in India, Africa, Australia, Canada, China, America… One thing is clear though. If you are reading me now it is because you understand and read English. However, depending on what your circumstances are and on the place in the world you find yourself, so will you use one or another map. We all have our mind maps, our mental maps, our set of beliefs through which we see the World in a particular way. We live in interpretative worlds and, for me, the “worldisation” —I avoid the term “globalisation” on purpose—, to “worldise”, is to interpret all those different worlds and, therefore, I am up front about the “worldisation”.

In 2014, it will be a hundred years since the beginning of the Great War which devastated Europe and the World between 1914 and 1918. Around 66 million soldiers fought in that cruel war and an average of 6,000 soldiers died on a daily basis over the four years that the war lasted. It is estimated that around 8 million people died and 6 million remained disabled as a result of the war. Now, almost a century later, it seems that we don’t want to remember, it seems that we are not aware of all the progress we have made. We think that the current crisis is a disaster, it is the end of the world and we think we are worse than ever…

I have prepared a video below and I would love if you could have a look at it. It is entitled “Interpretative Worlds – Your World Map”. But remember that, even though there are currently more than 7,000 million living humans on Earth, our planet is just a little pale dot suspended on a sun beam among thousands of hundreds of millions of galaxies in the Universe…

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