Brevities on Trust and Sincerity

Árbol Confianza Michael Thallium

Trust may be the highest human motivation because it usually brings out the best of human beings. But the same way it happens with a tree, it takes time and patience to grow…


Sometimes there are walls you can gaze at for a while without daring to go through them because of fear to discover what is at the other side. It can also happen that we simply accept what is at our side of the wall, the one we can see. There are walls which have doors and, probably, knocking at them or just pushing them, would allow you to discover a new reality; and if the wall has no doors, you can always find a way to jump over it. In both cases you have to make an effort. And so is sincerity, too. Going through the wall of sincerity you can see both sides of reality: the one you see and the other’s. Sincerity is an invitation to other people to see our side of the wall and a challenge to discover the other person with respect.

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