Music Without Quarantine – (BONUS) Interview with Varvara Kutuzova

This is a bonus interview of the series “Music connects People” on “Music Without Quarantine”, a project which has lasted for two months and a half while the 2020 COVID-19 confinement in many countries in the world. This is a very special one. The pianist I’m talking to is the youngest of all the artists participating in this project. By the time we recorded this interview, Varvara Kutuzova was 16 years old. I don’t speak Russian, and Varvara started learning English recently. However, I decided to go on with the interview because she is a very talented musician. May it remain as a document for the future and, who knows, maybe in 10 or 20 years time, when Varvara looks back, she’ll get a good memory of her first interview in English.

Interview with Varvara Kutuzova

On the previous interviews, the artists participating were:

Diego Ares (harpsichordist)
Joel Frederiksen (bass singer & lutenist)
Benedict Klöckner (cellist)
Claudio Constantini (pianist & bandoneonis)
Danae y Kiveli Doerken (pianists)
Anna Fedorova (pianist)
José Elizondo (composer)
Dana Zemtsov (violist)
Nicky Schwartz (counterbassist)
Mikhail Pochekin (violin)

In total, 30 artists participated in Music Without Quarantine with 17 different instruments and from 12 different countries.

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