Music without Quarantine – An Interview with Mikhail Pochekin

Long Night of Music May 27th 2020Everything as a start and an end. This is the 10th and last interview of the series Music connects People of the project Music Without Quarantine. Here you are the list of the previous nine interview that you can see on this blog and on my YouTube channel as well:

  1. The Spanish harpsichordist Diego Ares
  2. The American bass singer & lutenist Joel Frederiksen
  3. The German cellist Benedict Klöckner
  4. The Peruvian pianist & bandoneonist Claudio Constantini,
  5. The German pianists Danae & Kiveli Doerken
  6. The Ukrainian pianist Anna Fedorova
  7. The Mexican composer based in Boston José Elizondo
  8. The Mexican violist Dana Zemtsov
  9. The American double bassist: Nicky Schwartz

Finally, it’s the turn of the father behind this idea of Music Without Quarantine, the amazing Spanish-Russian Mikhail Pochekin. Misha, that’s the way family and friends call him, came over to Madrid to celebrate his 30th birthday by the begining of March 2020. Hardly four days later, the confinement and quarantine due to COVID-19 came to many countries in the world. Misha was in Salzburg when it all started. I was in Móstoles (Madrid). He was preparing his concerts later being cancelled. I remember he called me saying he would like to keep playing and he was thinking about the possibility to do some online concerts on the Internet. Both of us saw this situation as an opportunity to put into practice something we had been talking about for some time: get music closer to people and viceversa. It all started a bit like a homemade experiment. We created the Facebook page Music Without Quarantine and, ever since, over 27 musicians from 12 countries playing 17 different instruments have taken part in this project. This fantastic experience has helped us show that music really connects people: musicians with musicians, audience with musicians and, ultimately, people with people. For over two months now, Wednesdays at 19:00 CET became the weekly meeting point for all of us, artists and the audience.

Interview with Mikhail Pochekin

I would personally like to thank all the artists for their participation, responsiveness and, above all, for the generosity: Joel FrederiksenDiego AresIvan PochekinBenedict Klöckner, Varvara KutuzovaAnna FedorovaNicky SchwartzKiveli DoerkenDanae DoerkenDana Zemtsov, Pau Codina, Cellist, Nastasya Leonova, Mario Prisuelos, José Hernández Pastor, Irina Kulikova, Callum SmartClaudio Constantini, Svetlana Korobova (by the way, she was the one making the drawings for our weekly banners), Petrit Çeku, David Moliner, Евгений Серебряный, Boris Kusnezow, Clemence De Forceville, Sophie Lamberbourg, Iñaki Alberdi, Zofia Neugebauer… and the Mexican composer Jose Elizondo.

The Long Night Of Music will be our final concert. It will take place on Wednesday, May 27th at 19:00 CET and 20 artists will be playing on Music Without Quarantine.

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