30 years of Michael Thallium to Freddie Mercury

…And the show went on since 1991. I’ve told the story a couple of times already. But even after 30 years, sometimes people keep asking me about it. I commemorated it 22 years and 25 years after his death and when I explained the origin of my name, which went unnoticed. Today it’s 30 years already. Farrokh Bulsara (1946-1991) passed away OTD in 1991. He was born in Zanzíbar and when he was 18, his family moved to the UK. It was there where Farrokh turn into the one in only Freddie Mercury. After his death, Michael Thallium was born, maybe daydreaming that the show of life went on. Who knows, maybe someday someone else will carry on with this comedy or maybe a Canio will get on the stage with a knife in his hands and sentence: La commedia è finita! Anyway, whatever happens, I’ll leave it all to chance…

Michael Thallium

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