Rembemering Freddie Mercury 22 Years Later

Michael Thallium Freddie MercuryTo mark the 20th Anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s death, I wrote a little post two years ago. In that post entitled On Freddie Mercury and the origin of my name I explained what the origin of my name is. Today, two years later, I want to remember the voice of Freddie Mercury on the occasion of the 22nd Anniversary of his death. 22 years gone by!

One of my goals in life is that when anybody hears or reads the name Michael Thallium they immediately associate it with four main areas: coaching & transleadership —this last term I learnt it from pioneering Jennifer Sertl—, music, communication and globalisation.

Since one of my missions in the field of coaching and transleadership is to help others find their “voice” —not particularly in music, but in their lives and careers—, then let’s remember  Freddie Mercury’s voice today and let’s get inspired to evolve and help others evolve!

Michael Thallium
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