I Am An Argonaut Of The Noosphere

“I’m an argonaut of the noosphere and I use music
as a vessel for exploration.”
– Michael Thallium

Michael ThalliumA couple of days ago, I came across with Atrévete a saber, the Spanish translation of Abbi il coraggio di conoscere, the book that Rita Levy-Montalcini wrote at the age of 97. I think there is no English translation yet, but the title would go something like Dare to Know! Apparently Rita had been adding some corrections to her book until a few months before her passing in December 2012 at age 103. The title caught my eye and I decided to download the e-book. A couple of years ago, I read In Praise of Imperfection, a fantastic book in which Rita Levy-Montalcini tells, with all due humility, the story of how she discovered the NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) and she uses her story as a proof of human imperfection. I was inspired by her praise of imperfection and now I am inspired by her exhortation: Dare to know! Reading her book I learnt about a new concept for me:”argonaut of the noosphere”. I love this metaphor and it describes perfectly my will to know everything related to the mind and the brain, ultimately to the human being.

For me music has a key role in the learning of any discipline: from languages, mathematics or leadership up to history or physics. I do not refer to music in terms of an instrumentalist or professional musician, but in terms of someone who understands music as the integrator of different knowledge realms and different ways of feeling. Then, I dare to say I consider myself an argonaut of the noosphere and I use music as a vessel for exploration.

The symphony of life demands a great deal of preparation from the ‘maestro’ who is conducting it, and the success in balancing each and every voice in life is the result of their mastery to combine knowledge and emotions. The thing is that not everybody is willing to be the ‘maestro’ of their respective symphonies. You need time, dedication and, above all, to be aware that the way is the goal.

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