On the Arctic, La Quinta and the Listening

Michael Thallium in Nordaustlandet, 2014

Michael Thallium in Nordaustlandet, 2014

I have been giving it a thought for a while to what article to write after almost six months of inactivity on my blog. Quite a few things have happened ever since. After my short stay in Latvia in order to get some navigational certificates, an occassion that I used to meet the Latvian composer Rihards Dubra, I embarked on a four month project, from the end of May until the end of September 2014, on board an expedition ship around the Arctic. That experience helped me to discover a region of the world that I did not know. Four months and 12 expeditions, mainly around Svalbard, although we also sailed around Northeast Greenland and Iceland in September. It also helped me to understand that you not always can succeed in all the projects you start and you have to be ready to face and accept adverse and not wanted results. And, for sure, from all those four months I spent there, there is something I am really happy about: the people I share my time with and talked to.

Back in Spain, I spent a couple of weeks adapting myself to a very different reality. I had trouble getting used to the noise, both sound noise and -even more harmful- media noise. Actually, I think I did not quite get used to it yet.

Thanks to Marian, from Ars Antiqua, I happened to know about a music shop —CDs, books & events— right in the heart of Madrid. It is called La Quinta de Mahler (LQM), a place where they organise lots of activities and it has become a kind of stomping ground for me. By the way, I recommend you to pay them a visit if you are in Madrid: Juan Lucas and Jose will serve you really, really well.

In these two months since I came back to Spain, I also had the opportunity to pay a visit in Cantabria to the composer and friend of mine Ananda Sukarlan, who was finishing his opera “Clara” to be premiered in Jakarta on 14th December 2014.

Sometimes, I find it difficult to explain to people what I do, because most people think that music is only to be listened to as background music, to dance or to entertain. I use music to do other things that apparently have nothing to do with it: teaching languages, leadership, communication, team work… Listening to music with all your senses enhances your ability to listen to people empathically. I will tell you about the result of the experiment I started over a year ago. I talked about it on this blog: On my listenings (part 1) .

The objective is eternal and unshakeable; the subjective changes with the circumstances and processes of internal growth. May your circumstances and processes influence your reality in the greatest positive way!

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