German for Beginners: VERBS

The following video is created for those people who would like to learn German. On it, I tackle some verbs. This video may not make you smarter, but for sure it will make you less ignorant. At least, I hope so…

(Español) El terrorismo

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The Greatness Of People

The greatness of people… That’s one of the reasons why I decided to dedicate myself to coaching and language training. I believe in human potential. Certainly, there are moments when you have doubts about the validity of your principles and values. People, we, are capable of many things. Some of them are good, [...]

(Español) Reminiscencias de bolerogía y crotalogía dieguinas

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The Tempotention

According to the sentence “the more I listen to, the more it remains to be listened”, it is clear to me that I will have no time to listen – understand, fathom – to everything I would like to. I can only aspire, if that is an aspiration, to enjoy what my brain [...]

Freddie Mercury 1946-1991

Freddie Mercury 1946-1991
25 years… Today he would be 70.

Freddie MERCURY – Michael THALLIUM

On Freddie Mercury & The Origin Of My Name

Remembering Freddie

(Español) El sabihondo

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The Secret of the Rhythm of the English Language (in Spanish)

Sorry, this video is mainly for Spanish speaking people who are learning (or want to perfect) English.

Michael Thallium
Global & Greatness Coach
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The Melody of Our Lives

If our speech is a score, punctuation is the notation of our verbal music. Punctuation tells us where to breathe, where to rest, when to speak up. As if it were a symphonic composition, punctuation gives meaning to our speech through pauses, pacing and phrasing. Then, every interpreter, each and everyone [...]

(Español) La zahúrda

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