Music without Quarantine – An Interview with Nicky Schwartz

Nicky Schwarz & Michael ThalliumThis is the 9th interview of the series “Music connects People” on Music Without Quarantine. The eight previous interviews were with the Spanish harpsichordist Diego Ares, with the American bass & lutenist Joel Frederiksen, with the German cellist Benedict Klöckner, with the Peruvian pianist & bandoneonist Claudio Constantini, with the sisters and pianists Danae & Kiveli Doerken, with the Ukrainian pianist Anna Fedorova, with the Mexican composer based in Boston José Elizondo and with the great violist Dana Zemtsov. And now it’s the turn of the coolest double bassist on the planet: Nicky Schwartz. Nicky is currently playing for the Concertgebouw Orchestra. But more than a double bass player, Nicky is a great musician and communicator in every way. Besides his career as a musician, Nicky is an avid sportsman. Before he decided to go professional as a classical double bassist, he had won several skateboard and snowboard competitions. Nicky has been trained in jazz music as well as classical music. He started his musical education in the United States, where he was born. He joined the prestigious Berklee School of Music and he also took part in the Tanglewood program of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Then he continue his international education in Berlin, at the prestigious Karajan Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Married to the great pianist Anna Fedorova, Nicky has played with internationally renowned artists. Apart from the double bass, Nicky plays many other instruments. You can learn about all these things and more in the following interview:

Interview with Nicky Schwartz

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