Music Without Quarantine – An Interview with Anna Fedorova

Anna Fedorova InterviewThis is the interview no. 6 of the series “Music connects People” on Music Without Quarantine. The four previous interviews were with the Spanish harpsichordist Diego Ares, with the American bass & lutenist Joel Frederiksen, with the German cellist Benedict Klöckner, with the Peruvian pianist & bandoneonist Claudio Constantini and with the sisters and pianists Danae & Kiveli Doerken. This time, our guest is the great pianist Anna Fedorova whom I met back in 2012 at the Chamber Music Session in  Kiev, Ukraine. Anna is a very generous artist and person. She is the very example that behind a great artist there is also a great person. In my opinion, that makes her even a greater artist. This interview is very special to me, because we have not seen each other for eight years. The confinement has helped us connect again via Internet. Many things have happened in Anna’s life ever since. The interview is divided into two parts: one has to do more with her musical background (part I) and the other one (part II) has to do with her career and also with her personal life with her husband, the counterbassist of the Concertgebouw Orchestra Nicky Schwartz. In Anna Fedorova converge the best of both piano schools of Russia and the Western countries. Among her teachers and professors are Boris Fedorov, Leonid Margarius, Norma Fisher, Steven Isserlis, András Schiff, Menahem Pressler… Her recordings of the works by Sergei Rachmaninoff on Channel Classics are fabulous and I recommend any of the albums she has recorded either solo or along other great musicians such as the cellist Benedict Klöckner or the violist Dana Zemtsov, who also have participated in Music Without Quarantine:

Interview with Anna Fedorova

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