10 Musical Coffees To Remember

Un café con generalIn many countries in the world, number 10 —lighten up, my dear British friends, I’m not talking about Downing Street— has a special meaning and people use it to commemorate events, significant anniversaries or whatever they wish to celebrate. In my case, when Music Without Quarantine adventure took flight four months ago, I couldn’t have ever imagined that I could go that far. It was also ten live stream concerts that we offered on Music Without Quarantine during the 2020 lockdown. Over those months, more than 30 musicians from 12 different countries took part in our live recitals bringing joy and hope to many people who would connect weekly, every Wednesday at 19:00 CET. To all of them, musicians and the audience, my deepest gratefulness. The Music Without Quarantine adventure wouldn’t have been possible without the enthusiasm and driving force of my friend and great violinist Mikhail Pochekin, and I’ll always thank him for that.

Then, when the series of weekly concerts was called to an end, we started with a series of “virtual coffees” entitled “A Coffee With…”. No-one either would have said that we could reach out that far. So far, my guests have been 10 personalities of the music world: the choir master & orchestra conductor Marco Antonio García de Paz, the music critic Arturo Reverter, the accordionist Iñaki Alberdi, the composer & music critic Robert Hugill, the bass singer & lutenist Joel Frederiksen, the orchestra conductor Cristóbal Soler, the music & artist agent Andreea Butucariu, the musicologist & cornetto player Bruce Dickey, the orchestra conductor Mei-Ann Chen and Hugo Sanches, musicologist & director of the early music ensemble O bando de surunyo. To all of them, my sincerest gratitude. I learnt a lot from them and, above all, I really enjoyed our conversations over coffee.

Here you are the list of the 10 first coffees of the series “A coffee with”:

  1. A coffee with Marco Antonio García de Paz (in Spanish)
  2. A coffee with Arturo Reverter (in Spanish)
  3. A coffee with Iñaki Alberdi (in Spanish)
  4. A coffee with Robert Hugill
  5. A coffee with Joel Frederiksen
  6. A coffee with Cristóbal Soler (in Spanish)
  7. A coffee with Andreea Butucariu
  8. A coffee with Bruce Dickey
  9. A coffee with Mei-Ann Chen
  10. A coffee with Hugo Sanches

I don’t know for how long these aromatic “virtual coffees”. Neither I know how far I will reach in this musical adventure. My intention is to talk about music and make it easier for people to get know the artists in a more laid-back way, but not less rigorously informative. I guess I will go as far as to where my intention and the love of those helping me will take me…

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